Nathan Hinish

Fullstack Software Developer

I’m a (gets out fancy reading glasses) Lead Software Engineer at McGraw Hill Higher Ed who enjoys living in and working from Spokane, WA. For most of my work, I build web-based apps using modern Javascript, including setting up app servers using Node.js. I have been working on SIMnet Online for longer than I care to admit. I’m also proficient in Python and SQL, and have spent some time working in PHP and Ruby--though those skills are quite rusty at this point. I have done database and server administration in the past, and though I prefer to stick to web application development, I feel very comfortable messing with httpd.conf and nginx.conf. I also have experience creating Firefox add-ons and mobile apps. I think my biggest strengths lie in my ability to quickly understand the goals of a project and my ability to communicate ideas with the less technically-inclined folks out there.